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Indische Kath. Gemeinde – Erzdiözese  Wien


Tivoligasse –20,  A- 1120 Wien

                                                                                                                         Date : 1. 11. 2006

Dear Friend/Friends,


We are very glad to invite you and your Family/ Community  to the Ecumenical Carol Singing Programme(Competition)  – to be held on Sunday 10th December 2006 beginning at  3. 00 P.M.  in the Pfarre Maria Lourdes Meidling, Hasckagasse 5 (Entrance), 1120 Wien.(U4 Meidling Hauptstraße/  U6 Niederhofstraße/ Autobus 15A, 9A: Haltstelle > Ruckergasse/Tivoligasse).


The last day of registration will be 3rd  of December 2006. Only registered groups or choir will be allowed to take part in the Carol Singing Programme.


Norms for Evaluation

  1. Carol Songs – Christian devotional songs - must be performed by groups of at least 3 persons.

  2. One group /choir shall sing only one song.

  3. One person shall sing only in one group /choir.

  4. Accompaniment of instruments will not be considered for evaluation.

  5. Previously recorded music, melody or instrumentals shall not accompany the singing.

  6. There will be separate competition for the juniors (below 12 years of age) and for the seniors (12 years and above). Prizes for the First, the Second and the Third will be given to the juniors and Rolling Trophies will be given to the First, the Second and the Third of the seniors.(ie. No Rolling Trophies for the juniors). The juniors may join with the seniors; however, the seniors shall not join with the juniors.


7.     Criteria of assessment:

      Only the singing in a group will be considered for evaluation according to the

      following scale:  Points out of 100.

1.      Unity of voice of persons in the singing performance              - 10 points

2.      Melody and Rhythm of the singing                                            - 30 points

3.      Harmony of the whole singing performance                             - 40 points

4.      Clarity of  words in the  singing                                                 - 20 points       


Please note:   Any instrumental accompaniment and dramatic-acting  can accompany

                          the singing, but they will not be considered for evaluation.


        Every  participant-group will be given a special prize from the ICC.



With best regards,

Chaplain:  Pater Thomas Thandappilly CST       

General Coordinator:  Mr. Joseph Olimalayil   

Vice Coordinator:  Ms  Majol Padinjarekkalayil


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