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Group- Seniors A-Type

 1. Voice of Stadlau - I PRIZE

 2. St. Mary's Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church  - II PRIZE

 3.St. Thomas Orthodox Church - III PRIZE


Group Juniors A-Type

1. St. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Youth - I PRIZE


Group Juniors B-Type

 1. Angel Voice - I PRIZE


Participated groups/communities:

Sub Juniors upto 13 years old (No competition)

1. Knanaya Childrens’ Club

2. Angel Kids

3.   Holy Family Prayer Unit

4.   Angel Voice

5.   Eldo Mar Baselios Congregation

6. Gabriel Voice

7. St. Mary's Sunday School

8. Grace Choir

9. Kids of Jesus

Juniors 13 to 18 Years Old

A-TYPE  (Without any accompaniment)

1. St. Mary’s Malankara Youth

B-TYPE (With accompaniment)

1. Angel Voice

2. Logos

Seniors 18 and above

A-TYPE  (Without any accompaniments)

1.         Eldo Mar Baselios Congregation

2.         Voice of Siebenhirten

3.         Gabriel Voice

4.         St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church

5.         St. Thomas Orthodox Church

6.         Mar Ivanios Malankara Church

7.         Voice of Stadlau


1.         Mothers Prayer Unit



Photo Credits: Mr. Mathew Avimoottil


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