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Indian Catholic Community


First Holy Communion 2008

31st May in Pfarre Maria Lourdes

At  9. 30 hrs



1. Cheeramkunnel Tony

2. Karakkattu Joel

3. Kuruthukulangara Jijo

4 . Kayyalakkakam Colins

5. Palacherril Maria

6. Payyapilly Sandra.


Parents are the best and the most efficient teachers and guides of their children who prepare intensively for the First Communion. Make sure that your children  know the meaning of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the significance of its reception as Communion  and of the sanctity of the recipient to be attained  by the Sacrament of Penance (Confession).


The candidates seats will be arranged in the church on the first row with their parents in alphabetical order. They will be directed to receive the Holy Communion with their parents in front of the Altar.

They must bring their own Candle and Dress preferably in black or white on the Communion day.  They must be present in the church at 8.30 am  on that day.


Photographers will not be allowed to enter into the area of the Altar ( Madubaha). The ICC Homepage will display the photos of those who receive the First Communion.



                                                                              Convener of Catechism: Paul Maliekal

                                                                              Convener of Liturgy: Sebastian Thevalakkara

Chaplain: Pater Thomas Thandappilly CST

 Asst. Chaplain : Pater Thomas Vadathumukalel   TOR                                  




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