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Holy Week Readings


The following are the readings of the Holy Week. Please note that these readings are printed texts in our Malayalam Holy Week Liturgy books and they are to be followed and practised from those books and not from the Bible directly, because there are some minor changes of words in the liturgy books.

Those (especially youth) who are willing to make a reading in the holy week will be given a liturgy book, which will be available in Stadlau during the days of the Retreat and at any time in Meidling. Contact Sebastian Thevalakara, Boby Kanjirathumoottil or Paul Malieckal for collecting the books




Holy Week Readings


Palm Sunday:

First Reading: Genesis Ch 49
Second Reading: Zacharias Nivea Ch.9
Third Reading: 1 Kor Cha.15
Fourth Reading: Gospel Math.Ch.4

Maundy Thursday:

First Reading: Genesis Ch 12
Second Reading: Malachias Ch 1
Third Reading: 1 Kor Ch.11
Fourth Reading: Gospel Jn. 13

Good Friday:

First Reading: Genesis 22
Second Reading: Isaiah Ch 53
Third Reading: Rom.5
Fourth Reading:

Passion Reading by celebrant Priests.

Holy Saturday:

First Reading: Jonas Ch.2
Second Reading: 1 Kor Ch.1. 18-25
Third Reading: Rom. Ch.6.3-12
Fourth Reading: Jn. 3.5-8

Easter Sunday:

Vesper: Mt.2.28. 1-6

First Reading: Rom. 6. 3-11
Second Reading: Mk. 16. 1-7



Holy Week Services Schedule


Holy Week
Date Time Place
Maundy Thursday
5th April 2007
14:00 hrs

Maria Lourdes,


 Good Friday
 6th April 2007
09:30 hrs
Holy Saturday
7th April 2007
08:05 hrs
Easter Liturgy
Sunday, 8th April 2007
15:00 hrs


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