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Annual Retreat 17 - 19.04.2020 9-18 hrs. Akkonplatz 
Youth Festival 02.05.2020 12-20 hrs. Veranstaltung Zentrum Floridsdorf 1210 Vienna, Angerer Straße 14
First Communion 24.05.2020 11:30 hrs. Pfarre Maria Lourdes, Meidling
Confirmation 31.05.2020 11:30 hrs. Pfarre Maria Lourdes, Meidling
Fronleichnam Feast 11.06.2020 8:45 hrs. Pfarre Maria Lourdes, Meidling
Community Day - Feast of Saints 21.06.2020 15:00 hrs. Pfarre Maria Lourdes, Meidling

Charity Programme

16:00 - 17:00 hrs. Dance items; 17. 00 to 18. 30 hrs. Agape for the Homeless and the Destitute Friends

    Pfarre Maria Lourdes, Meidling
Pilgrimage to Maria Gugging 16.08.2020 16:00 hrs. Maria Gugging, No Malayalam Mass at Saikogasse

Kairali Nikethan School begins

Students, PTA, Priests Gathering

    Ebendorferstraße 8, 1010 Vienna

Catechism Classes begin

(1-12 Standard)


10:45-11:25 Meidling

16:15-16:55 Saikogasse

Carol Singing Programme 13.12.2020 15:30 hrs. Pfarre Maria Lourdes, Meidling




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