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Elocution, Music & Acting Painting Dance


Kairali Nikethan Youth Festival 2014 Results

Painting Competition held on 26th April 2014

Prize List


Chest no. 11-18 Group 1 Boys (8) Chest No.: Name:
    First Prize 18 Sharon Cheeramvelil
    Second  15 Justin Srambical
    Third 16 Milan Nishant Sebastian
  SHOLE Complementary* 12 Emil Melazhakath
  SHOLE Complementary* 17 Roshan George Pallikunnel
Chest no. 19-36 Group 1 girls (18)    
    First Prize 31 Liya Thekkumala
    Second Prize 22 Clara Onat
    Second Prize 23 EmilinAbraham Eraniakulathil
    Third Prize 35 Sandra Mullappilly
  SHOLE Special Prize* 33 Navina Palatty
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 28 Jeena Srambical
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 30 Linda Kochappan
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 32 Lydia Kochappan
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 25 Evelin Manayil
Chest no. 37- 43 group no. 2 Boys (7)    
    First Prize 39 Jeffin Kudiyirickal
    First Prize 40 Joel Kudiyirickal
    Second Prize 41 Lewin Vetticka
    Third Prize 37 Alen Charavelil
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 38 Ferlix Cheriankalayil
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 42 Tobias Jospeh Parackal
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 43 Tony George
Chest no. 44-57 Group no. 2 Girls (14)    
    First Prize 56 Varsha Pallikunnel
    Second Prize  48 Architha Andiveedu
    Third Prize 51 Maria Onat
  SHOLE Special Prize 44 Alina Charavelil
  SHOLE Special Prize 54 Riya Thekkumala
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 52 Mina Maria Parackal
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 49 Christi Kalapurackal
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 50 Julia Chalissery
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 57 Viona Njondimackal
Chest no. 58-64 Group no. 3 (combined  - 7)    
    First Prize 63 Femia Peedikapparambil
    Second Prize 62 Lino Vetticka
    Third Prize  58 Aswath Andiveedu
  SHOLE Special Prize* 59 Benjamin Palamattam
  SHOLE Special Prize* 61 Julius Chalissery
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 60 Emil Palamattam
  SHOLE Complementary Prize* 64 Remya Veliyath
*Schole Chitrakala Special/Complementary prizes



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