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Certificates for Marriage
Free State Certificate for Marriage for the Malayalee Catholics in Vienna will be given by the Chaplain of the ICC only after due information at least 10 days before issuing it, to those who are free from existing legal marital bond and who do not live together like marital partners in friendship before legal marriage. Thís Certificate is necessary for sacramental or non-sacramental marriage in India.

Certificate of Marriage Preparation Course will be issued for those who do the full course of three days of intensive marriage preparation course according to the syllabus approved by the Family Commission of the Kerala Bishops Conference, guided by the Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain of the Indian Catholic Community, Archdiocese of Vienna. This Course can be done in different Pastoral Centres of dioceses in Kerala also. Course Fee: EUR: 20 Proposed time: the last three days of the last week of June and December.
Sound System of the ICC
The Sound System of the ICC can be borrowed only for liturgical programmes in which the Indian Catholic Community is directly or indirectly involved. This can be done only under the supervision of the Choir Masters of the ICC. Any damage of any piece of the System must be compensated by the person who borrows it. A nominal contribution of EUR:50 must be given to the ICC.
Important Message about SSP hall
Please note that the Facilities of the SSP Hall and the Class Rooms at the Schwarzsp. Str. 15 are directly under the administrative control of the General Secretary of the ARGE -AAG since the beginning of this year(2003). Contact Nr: 310 51 45 - 341. That was announced already towards the end of last year(2002). So the Chaplain of the ICC will not be responsible for the reservation of those facilities by any person or any organisation even of the Indians here.
Chaplain: Fr.Dr.Thomas Thandappilly CST

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