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On the Occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Ordination

(28.X.1982 to 28.x.2007)

Warmest Greetings to our beloved Chaplain,

P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly CST.


With pride and gratitude, the Indian Catholic Community (ICC), cherishes the whole-hearted, dedicated, diligent, spiritual and pastoral guidance and leadership of Pater Dr. Thomas Thandappilly CST, our Chaplain since 2001. Being the Pfarrmoderator now at Maria Lourdes, he made it possible to find out and successfully maintain a habitat at Maria Lourdes Parish Church for our spiritual, pastoral, cultural needs and later at Maria Hilfe der Christen, Stadlau. His brotherly concern and relation to the Assistant Chaplain, Pater Saju Sharat IMS, Pater Thomas Vadathmukalel TOR and to all Malayalee priests in Austria; his concern for the needy, especially the youth and children, all these added to the enhancement of the spiritual dynamism of the community.


We are very thankful to the Maria Lourdes parish community and its leadership for its unconditional love and acceptance of ICC and the freedom given to us to make use of this church as our parish. Without these facilities we could never have grown as a catholic Gemeinschaft, a Eucharistic community in Jesus Christ, as a unique establishment, of a parish with all its rights and duties under a language community integrating all the religious Rites from Kerala Malayalee communities, unlike in many other European countries. The church documents are issued by Pater Thomas and the sacrament of Confirmation is administered by him as practiced in the Kerala Syro-Malabar liturgical Rite.


We remember his friendly relation with other ecumenical churches from Kerala, the common Christmas Carol Singing and participation in the programs of other communities.

We thank him especially for his experienced and committed services. The fruits of his experience as Kaplan in the Pfarre Donaufeld Vienna and later as Aushilfe Kaplan cum Seelsorger at the Sacre Coeur in Pressbaum, the results of his doctorate studies, which are reflected in his spiritual and pastoral guidance are enjoyed by the communities.


The Indian Catholic Community congratulates Pater Dr. Thomas Thandappilly CST on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of his Ordination on 28th October 2007 and conveys its prayers for him. We remember and thank God and all persons and institutions that made it possible to bring him as the Chaplain of the Indian Catholic Community for its pastoral care and spiritual nourishment.



1. Lord, we implore you to give Pater Thomas strength and courage to witness you among us, in spite of all tribulations and difficulties; give him the gifts of your Holy Spirit and we thank you for all the blessings endowed to us through his services as a mediator between you and us throughout these years.


2. Lord, we pray for all his relatives and friends, beneficiaries, authorities and institutions, which made possible for us to have his services and we pray for all those who have come into contact with Pater Thomas during his priestly services.



Born and brought up in Mambra near Angamaly in Kerala, Fr. Thomas joined the Little Flower Congregation (CST) and pursued his priestly studies in the Pontifical Athanaeum, Pune. He was ordained priest in 1982. His academic studies include: Master of Philosophy (M. Ph.), Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.), both from the Jnana Deepa Vidhyapeeth (Pontifical Athanaeum, Pune), Master of Arts (M. A. in English Language and Literature) from the University of Kerala. Doctorate in Theology (Pastoral Theology) from the University of Vienna.


The assignments and tasks, since ordination to priesthood, involve mainly pastoral and teaching activities, as being Lecturer in Philosophy and Dean of Studies in the Little Flower Seminary Aluva, Director of the Vocational Training Centre, Principal and Lecturer of English in the Liseux College Velur, Assistant in the Parish of Pazhuvil, Parish Priest in Cherpu, Superior of the Lisieux Ashram Velur, Chaplain at the Family Training and Research Institute Velur, Kaplan in the Pfarre Donaufeld Vienna, Aushilfe Kaplan cum Seelsorger at the Sacre Coeur in Pressbaum and presently Chaplain of the Indian Catholic Community Vienna and Pfarrmoderator at the Maria Lourdes Parish Church.


We thank him cherishing his whole-hearted, dedicated, diligent, spiritual and pastoral guidance and leadership and wish him Godís blessings all through his life, years, days, minutes and seconds...

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